Book Fair

My son’s school had their Scholastic Book Fair today. He picked out many books, but I bought one for myself, too — For The Love of Basketball: From A to Z, written by Frederick C. Klein, illustrated by Mark W. Anderson.
I’m not into basketball at all. I don’t play, I don’t watch, I don’t discuss it . . . ever. And I’m not familiar with the author or illustrator. But I LOVED the illustrations! Crisp, fun, spontaneous. And the illustration of Shaquille O’Neal, outstanding!
Interesting, though. I could not find one image of this book on the internet to post in this blog. No mention of it on Amazon, Goodreads, anywhere. Too bad, it’s a great book.

One thought on “Book Fair

  1. i bought it this morning at my daughters bookfair. i love it. got to work and my best friend fell in love w/ it as well. we scoured the internet to buy it and nothing. so i have to go back the the bookfair tomorrow morning.

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