Nice review; Black All Around!

Black All Around!, a children’s picture book that I illustrated, written by Patricia Hubbell, received a nice review from the February 2011 edition of the Puget Sound Council for Reviewing Children’s media. Interesting thing is, the review came 7 years after publication. I ain’t complaining though, it’s totally cool. Here’s what they said:

“Graceful antidote to the still present ‘white is right’ mentality, the color black is celebrated in its fullest from a sleek black limousine to a shiny black beetle. A little girl is daydreaming in the moon glow with simple rhymes. Fun illustrations conjure up every beautiful black thing she can imagine until she drifts off to sleep. This was a Connecticut Book Award Finalist at first publication.”

Black All Around! has received some of the best reviews and comments of my career, I’m happy. Great end to a busy week.

7 thoughts on “Nice review; Black All Around!

  1. Hi Don,
    Thanks again for the great pictures for Black All Around! Lovely to see this review at this late date!
    Keep well,keep working, have fun…
    All best

  2. Patricia–It's a wonderful book. I use it in all my school visits. I read the story, talk to the children about the illustrations, and they love the story — all ages. Thanks for such a positive message.

  3. P.S. I am also kind of a seven-years-late guy so it works out just fine. 🙂

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