Fun in Laredo, Texas!










Over the past two days, I’ve spoken on five separate, 90-minute, panels at the Laredo Book festival. Panel discussions were grouped by illustrators, picture book authors, YA authors and others. As an author and illustrator, I got double-duty. But it was all fun. On Friday, we spoke to area librarians. Saturday was an event open to the general public. The festival was the first for Loredo, Texas, and it was the idea of Texas Overlooked Books Pat Anderson.

Pat sure knows how to throw a party. He invited children’s literature creators from all over Texas, put us up in hotels, wined and dined us, in addition to selling our books.

On the day of the public festival, the mayor (front and center, above) broke out his big scissors and had a ribbon cutting ceremony and everything. (Photo credit, Jeanette Larson). Below, I show off my spread of books. Funny, kids are always most interested in my big Mega Blocks book, a book that I rendered in a 3D program. Mostly I think they’re interested in the Mega Bloks.

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