On 9-11

On the morning of 9-11, I sketched a new project. My wife was 9-months pregnant, due to have our baby boy any day. I wanted to start and finish the project before she went into labor. The day before, I’d mailed final artwork for the book SUMMER SUN RISIN’ to Lee & Low Books in NYC. When the towers were hit and eventually fell, I thought my artwork — and six months of painting — was gone. Selfish thoughts, I know, but that’s what went through my mind those first few minutes.

Today I’m thinking about all the people who lost their lives on 9-11. I’m thinking about people who lost a father or brother, a mother, a child. Artwork can be replaced, lives can not.

One thought on “On 9-11

  1. I understand! Through a unique turn of events, I find myself in the same town, but by no means living the same life as I did 10 years ago, today. I wondered what 9/11 was going to bring and present to my yet unborn daughter, as life relentlessly moved on. Now, here I sit…perusing your website, and celebrating the birth of my daughter born only a few days shy of the 1st anniversary….never imagining all that life would have in store for me.

    Honestly though, I was looking for an illustrator to embody the words of my 7 year year old son with Autism and wondering if Don Tate was up for the challenge.

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