Corpus Christi school puts kids right into the story

At a recent family literary night in Corpus Christ, Texas, elementary kids performed my book RON’S BIG MISSION. The play was adorable, and I was appreciative of the children’s enthusiasm and hard work.

A small group of children took turns narrating the story, while others acted out scenes. The set was fully decorated to look like the scenes from the book. The most poignant moment was when Ron McNair was denied a library card because of his race.

This activity was a great way to introduce kids to the story, because it put them directly into the shoes of the characters. The kid who played Ron McNair was brown-skinned. He surly felt what Ron McNair must have felt in that South Carolina library, circa 1960. I hope he and the other kids walked away with a greater appreciation of the freedoms they enjoy today.

I encourage teachers and librarians to use activities like this leading up to school visits. Introduces kids to my books, and so they’ll be excited on the day of the visit. Thank you Rose Shaw Elementary (photos used by permission of the librarian and parents).

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