New Making Choices series: The McNair Cousins

Recently I asked my son what kind of books he’d like to see published. I was fishing for ideas that I could use to write my own series of chapter books. Surprisingly he said, “I like books where I can learn a life lesson.” Well, I’ll work on that. In the meantime, here’s a new series of early chapter books that I illustrated for Magic Wagon, an imprint of ABDO, an educational publishing company. The series is written by Thalia Wiggins.

















Life is full of making choices and these character education chapter books examine the different choices made by two cousins—the McNairs. Greg the Good is hard working and honest. Three books follow Greg as he makes choices that earn him money, respect, and a good reputation. James the Rock, on the other hand, makes the choice to join a gang and lie, cheat, and steal to get by. Three books follow James and show the consequences that come from choosing that path.


























































2 thoughts on “New Making Choices series: The McNair Cousins

  1. I happened upon this series in a magazin. I doubt I can afford th $154.00 to purchase these though. The whole idea of the books are great for my children. Do you have them e ready?

    1. Hello and thanks. I think the price tag might be stiff because the books are more of an educational product sold through schools. I’ll find out if they are available individually.

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