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I’ve spent the past two weeks in Irving, Texas. I have one more day left to what I’ve been calling my North Texas Tour — 18 schools. I’ll post more about my visits to Irving schools later, but today I wanted to post about my visit to Acton Elementary in Duncanville, Texas. I think some of the students might come visit today’s blog post, so I wanted to give them a shout-out: Hey ya’ll, you rocked!

In the morning I presented to the entire student body in two groups. They listened well, responded to my stories enthusiastically, asked great questions. Of course everyone wanted me to draw a cartoon of them, but unfortunately I couldn’t. Had I tried, I’d have been drawing all day and late into the night.

In the afternoon, I greeted the kids in a reception line. Yes, all 600 or more of them, individually! Yes, my vocal cords are on fire. But it was worth the pain. The kids were excited and it was a pleasure to see the excitement in their eyes.

The teachers and librarians at Acton were outstanding. Their love and care for students really stood out. A few teachers and parents were so excited and supportive, they picked up their kids from other schools and brought them in to meet me.

Barnes and Noble sold my books the entire day, and they sure sold a lot! I don’t think I’ve ever sold more books at a school event. My publishers are gonna love Acton. Here are a few photos of the day.















My first group, pre-k through 2nd grade. They were good listeners, too!















These are student ambassadors. They look nice, wouldn’t you say. They dressed up for the occasion! The ladies wore pretty dresses, the guys wore nice slacks and dress shirts. The very sharp kid in the center wore a tie. It was the job of the ambassadors to greet me as I entered the school, and to introduce me to all of the teachers. The even helped exercise crowd control during the presentations. They displayed great manners, spoke up clearly so I could hear them, served as perfect role models for other students looking on. All signs of great leaders.















Now this guy here, above, is one of the most impressive students I’ve ever met on a school visit. And I’ve visited a lot of schools! Following my presentation, he got busy on his laptop. In about an half an hour, he conducted more research on me over the internet and put together an impressive Powerpoint presentation. It included photos of me, my son, a lot of my art, thoughtful captions, and animation. What a great honor!















Here’s a closeup of his handy work. Click a button, and more images jump onto the screen. Keep in mind, the kid is 9-years-old. I was quite moved.


5 thoughts on “My visit to Acton

  1. We loved having Mr. Tate at our school. He was a great illustrator and he picked two helpers from our class. He was the best artist that we have ever seen. He was very enthusiastic. He really knew how to pump the crowd up. We really hope that he can come back next year. Thanks so much for spending the time with us.

    Mrs. G-P’s class

    P.S. Tremon, your powerpoint rocks!

    1. Mr. Tate was a wonderful choice in author/illustrators! He was genuine and approachable for our students, taking a minute to say hello to each child. His presentation was point on for the audience – the kids LOVED his drawings of audience members! He is always welcome here at Acton!

  2. WOW! Thanks so much for visiting our wonderful school Mr. Tate! We enjoyed having you here with us for a whole day! I am so glad that you got to see how special and talented our kiddos are. We are so proud of the leaders they have become! You are welcome back here any time!

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