Buzz for It Jes’ Happened

It Jes’ Happened: When Bill Traylor Started to Draw published about a month ago. The book has received some very nice reviews — three stars! — and accolades among the blogosphere. Here’s an update:

I launched the book at Menchaca Elementary school. The entire student body welcomed me with an enthusiastic roar as I entered the cafeteria. Maybe I’m biased (my son attends the school), but Menchaca librarians rock!!

A Wrung Sponge, a blog written by a librarian posting about multicultural children’s literature and poetry offers a nice review. Andromeda says: “What I love best about this picture book is the way Tate brackets the telling of the events in artist Bill Traylor’s life with a celebration of the deep well of his soul-memory.”

An editor’s review at Kid’s Books Central says: “This simple – and simply beautiful book – explores Bill Traylor’s life and art, which is reason enough to read it. However, it strikes me it does something else important. It points out that the simple things an ordinary person (or child) observes in the course of an ordinary day are still the stuff of art. That art need not be created in the classroom or in Rome or somewhere with an ocean view. Art can be created right this minute, right here, with whatever you have to hand. You just have to let it happen.”

Elizabeth Bird, who blogs at School Library Journal (A Fuse #8 Production), post these comments: A great book, a great subject, and a great use of two notable author/illustrator talents.”

I’ve also been interviewed about the book on Cynthia Leitich Smith’s Cynsations, and with the International Reading Association’s Teacher to Teacher blog.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Austin American Statesman list It Jes’ Happened in their summer reading guide, and the Birmingham Times offers their best rating.

I have more good news that can’t be revealed quite yet. What a way to launch a book!