Meeting the CCSS state standards

guideI love visiting schools and sharing my experiences as an author and illustrator with students. Teachers and librarians praise my program as “entertaining and educational,” “fun and engaging,” “professional, yet kid-friendly.” On a recent visit, a librarian said: “You’re the best speaker we’ve ever had!” I pride myself on giving the best experience possible, so her comments gratified me.

Lately, however, there’s been a lot of chatter about the CCSS (Common Core State Standards) for reading, writing, and speaking & listening. This standard applies not only for the content of books, but for the authors and illustrators who present at schools. I ignored the chatter as long as I could afraid that I’d have to include a bunch of testing jargon that would satisfy administrators but fly over the heads of kids. Boring.

Recently a librarian in Florida warn that my upcoming presentations at her school needed to meet the CCSS standards. Yikes! And uh-oh!

No worries, though, I have friends in all the right places. Author and educator Debbie Gonzales approached me about aligning my school visit presentation to meet the CCSS standards. But for almost a year, I procrastinated. Finally I provided Debbie with a point-by-point overview of my presentations. She analyzed my outline, asked questions, tossed out some ideas, and she created a wonderful, detailed guide. It was chock-full of CCSS annotations and followup activities that I can now share with teachers and librarians. And the best part, I don’t have to change a thing about my school visit program! But get this, do plan to change my program just a bit. Why not? Debbie provided me with some good stuff. I now I have the tools to up my game. MOMlogo

Thanks, Debbie!


For more information about Debbie’s school visit CCSS coaching, see her website.