Black All Around!

Author: Patricia Hubbell

Illustrator: Don Tate

Published: April 2003

Publisher: Lee & Low Books


“The acrylic paintings are fresh and fanciful, full of interesting perspectives…The logical question for children alone or in a group: How many things can you think of that are black?”

“The black objects stand out sharply against Tate’s (Summer Sun Risin) brassy palette. In addition to the high-voltage colors, Tate also stylizes his perspectives and his figures. Heads are outsize, almost as large as the torsos, and the eyes are so wide apart as to triangulate each face. The artist does a good job varying the settings, supplying both fantasy and homelike backdrops that incorporate the images from the text. ”

“This earnest story told in rhyme focuses on things that are black in color, as seen through the eyes of a little African-American girl. Tate’s acrylic paintings flow across double-page spreads, filled with swirling lines, varied perspectives, and neon bright shades to balance out the black items under discussion.”

“Exuberant acrylic paintings keep the pages turning in this African American girl’s imaginative ode to the color black. . .The double-page illustrations combine imaginary scenes with more realistic moments, and show the child interacting with her brother and her parents. A satisfying addition.”

“Black All Around is a picture book saturated with color that contrasts nicely with the darker tonalities, reminding children of the beauty and prominence of black.”

“Innovative, perspective-rich paintings from American-Statesman illustrator Tate magnify the delight this book brings to kids 4-8.”
-Austin American Statesman

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