Par-Tay! Dance of the Veggies (And Their Friends)

Author: Eloise Greenfield

Illustrator: Don Tate

Published: April, 2018

Publisher: Alazar Press

What happens when the family closes the front door and leaves the house for an outing? “The head of cabbage, sitting in the fridge, hears the front door close, hears the click of the key … He looks out … sees his people leave … He stands in the middle of the floor … throws his head back and yells, “PAR-TAY!” Children and adults will experience this house party through the buoyant, rhythmic words of Eloise Greenfield and the playful, exuberant illustrations of Don Tate. Read and join the PAR-TAY!


Publishers Weekly

“Tate’s big shapes, bold colors, and infectious beats will hold up to many readalouds.”



“A rousing read-aloud begging for enthusiastic performers.”


School Library Journal

“Tate’s illustrations capture the exuberance as well as the different personalities by giving each fruit and vegetable specific details, such as sunglasses, a backward turned baseball cap, or ruffled tutu skirts.”