The Hidden Feast

Author: Martha Hamilton and Mitch Weiss

Illustrator: Don Tate

Published: April 2006

Publisher: August House

Notes from the publisher

When the barnyard animals are invited to a party by their neighbors, they dress in their Sunday best and set off for a day of merriment. But when dinnertime arrives, the famished animals are perplexed to find a simple meal of cornbread. Most of them are polite, but Rooster turns his beak up in disgust and rudely leaves the party, missing the treasures hidden for the guests.


“…Tate’s lushly painted acrylics capture the animals at their silliest and rooster at his sulkiest. This mostly literary retelling is filled with contemporary cliches and incorporates the motifs and plot structure of the traditional African-American tale. Fun for telling or reading…”

“…I always appreciate Mr. Tate’s use of perspective (see Summer Sun Risin’ and Black All Around). In The Hidden Feast, he does not disappoint….”
-Young Adult (& Kids) Books Central